Borgogni Caterina

★ 289 AR

Italian Tradition

Italian manual skills and craftsmanship have been all the beauty of our jewels, our culture and our identity since 1973.

Everything comes from the fusion of pure gold with various alloys, the first step in the creation of our jewels.

This process, carried out at our company by master craftsmen, requires delicate and specific temperature precautions so that the melting of the metal is homogeneous in the various titles. We take care of all the production processes with passion, constantly performing tests to ascertain the karat of the title and the quality of the jewel.

It is in the final part that the excellence of the product is guaranteed; necessary step to maintain solid and lasting relationships with our customers.


Preserving the tradition of the goldsmith’s art is one of our missions, HAND MADE is the fundamental principle for the company.

Under the commitment of a long work we build the image we give of ourselves while maintaining authenticity, creativity and intuition.

Only with the experience handed down over the years are quality jewels made.

Original Figarope

"I imagined a jewel that made you dream, that transmitted eccentricity and freedom"

Graziano Verdelli